Your Questions. Answered.

Our patients’ and providers’ most common queries

Do I need a referral?  

Yes. The referral needs to be sent from your primary care provider or surgeon.

How soon can I be seen after the referral is sent?  

Usually within 2 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Do you accept my insurance?

We are in-network with all insurance providers.

Who will be performing my pain evaluation and treatment?  

Chad Johnson (CRNA, APRN, NSPM-C) or Glen Palokangas (CRNA, APRN, NSPM-C) will see you and formulate an individualized plan of care.

How long does an injection take?  

While time varies depending on the type of injection, plan for an hour visit.

Where will my injection be performed?  

Treatments are performed at the Duluth Surgical Suites in Duluth.

Am I able to be sedated?  

Yes. This will be discussed and decided upon prior to the day of your injection.

Will it be painful?  

While pain tolerance is specific to the individual, we take every effort to provide the most pain-free experience possible by utilizing local anesthesia.

Do I need a driver?

It is a good idea to have a driver if local anesthesia is being injected in the epidural space, which could cause temporary leg weakness.

Can I go back to work after injection?  

Yes, if no sedation is given. If sedation is given, plan on taking the day off.

“Chad in anesthesia listened to my concerns about anesthesia and this was a great experience – felt great post-op.”