Anesthesia Services

Custom pain care for each and every patient

Our extremely high patient satisfaction scores are due to our individually tailored anesthesia services, which help provide patients with the best possible outcomes after surgery.


Expert Anesthesia Management Services

We provide general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, peripheral nerve blocks, opioid-sparing and opioid-free anesthesia.


Tailored Anesthesia Care

We tailor all anesthetics to achieve the best outcomes for each individual coming for surgery. We employ the latest evidence-based techniques to provide patients with the least amount of pain and nausea post-procedure. Our extremely high satisfaction rate speaks volumes for our effective pain techniques.


Start your path to Better Living

If you’re ready to begin your customized pain management care program, contact us today. Our office manager, Jody, is ready and waiting to help you set up an appointment and fill out all the necessary referral paperwork. Call us at 218-894-7730 or schedule an appointment online.

“It is very clean and comfortable, not only for the patient but also the family. It has been the best experience every time I’ve been here. Thank you all so much!”